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Forestry Institute for Teachers - El Dorado County


The Forestry Institute for Teachers brings together K-12 educators and natural resource specialists from throughout California to work side by side for one week to gain a deeper understanding of the intricate interrelationship of forest ecosystems and how they influence our everyday lives.

The environment becomes the integrating context for learning in multiple subject areas, including language arts, math, environmental science, physical science, social science, biology, forestry and history. Participants will experience with high-quality, interdisciplinary activities focused on content, practices and skills at the heart of current forest and watershed issues – as well as Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

The El Dorado County session is hosted at the UC Blodgett Forest – a highly productive portion of the El Dorado National Forest characterized by towering ponderosa and sugar pines intermixed with a white fir, Douglas-fir, incense-cedar, and black oak understory.

Highlights of the institute include:

  • An introduction to forest science concepts and challenges by practicing natural resource professionals;
  • Experiencing high-quality, interdisciplinary activities by grade bands that promote conceptual learning, critical thinking and decision-making skills;
  • Gaining an increased understanding and appreciation of California’s forest ecosystems and the complex issues involved in managing the natural resources in public and private forestlands;
  • Field experiences to observe a variety of forest management styles and the process of processing wood from forest to mill and biomass energy plant;
  • Participating in discussions on the varying perspectives involved in forestry issues with forest resource specialists, environmentalists and members of local communities;
  • Working with fellow teachers and FIT education specialists to develop your own curriculum project about forests or forestry for use in your  classroom – and receiving $200 for implementing it in the school year;
  • Receiving Project Learning Tree and Project WET activity guides;
  • Receiving 50 hours of professional continuing education – and an opportunity to receive up to 3 academic credits that may be used for salary schedule advancement.

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