Sidney Post, Oregon Project WET Coordinator
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Sidney Post

Hydrologist, Bureau Of Land Management (BLM)

Meet Sidney:

Sidney Post, Oregon Project WET Coordinator, in the woodsHow long have you been a WET coordinator? Since 1993 in North Carolina.

What’s your favorite thing about doing WET workshops? Connecting the activities to other educational topic areas that assist educators in reinforcing subject areas.

Give a quote from a recent workshop. "I didn't know that you can Sing and Dance" referring to utilizing art and music in the WET activities.  

Can you share a funny story related to WET activities? One of our workshops, it rained on us for the entire ten hours of content training! everyone thought that that provided new meaning to Project WET.

What is your favorite WET activity? I have two: "Water Quality? Ask the Bugs!" and "Is there Water on Zork?"

Tell us about a promotion, grant award, press, or other recognition you’ve received in the last few months. It has been many years but I received a national award from the North American Lake Management Society for educational outreach (WET was one of the curriculum guides utilized in my outreach).

Any life changes to share? Kids, marriage, new home, other? YES! Moved to Oregon three years ago and carried WET with me. 

Something we don’t know about you ... I'm a Hydrologist.

Other? I miss the "Food, Land and People" trainings.  

Interviewed January 2015

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