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Lynn Pilewski

Education Program Coordinator

Lynn is a native Floridian and attended Florida State University’s School of Theatre. When she moved to South Carolina in 2005, Lynn rediscovered both her love for the outdoors and the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains. She owned a design firm, but left that to move into conservation in order to make a difference and contribute to environmental awareness. Lynn coordinates the conservation education and outreach programs for Greenville County. She is a certified rain garden professional and is Project WET, Project WILD, Project Learning Tree, and Project Food, Land, People certified. Lynn is also an award-winning nature photographer.

Meet Lynn:

How long have you been a WET coordinator? Lynn Pilewski has been the South Carolina state coordinators since early 2015.

Can you share a funny story related to WET activities? Note to self: always check to make sure you have ALL parts of the activity before leaving for an event. We recently used The Incredible Journey for a camp group of advanced middle school students. We packed up all of our supplies and went out to the park. When we got there? Totally forgot that our interns had used two of the buckets of beads as percussion instruments for a jingle they recorded. Fast thinking was required, but we were able to combine a few stations and the kids never knew!

What is your favorite WET activity? The aforementioned The Incredible Journey, but we also love Sum of the Parts and Amazing Water (which we do with post-its!)

Tell us about a promotion, grant award, press, or other recognition you’ve received in the last few months. We recently had a two social events where we asked attendees to “sponsor a teacher” by donating $25, which is the cost of the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0, including shipping. We collected $590 from our monthly Brewmasters event (we waited until after the third beer was tasted!) and $335 from a Cocktails for a Cause networking event. $925 in two days allows us to invite 37 teachers to a workshop at no charge to them! We’re not sure what it means that the beer drinkers contributed more than the networkers…

Any life changes to share? Kids, marriage, new home, other? Lynn (aka black thumb) is a first time gardener this year and has not killed tomatoes, zucchini and other vegetables. She’ll be celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary next month. 

Something we don’t know about you…Lynn spent a summer as a festive "Germany" singer and dancer at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Other? We are looking forward to hosting everyone in Greenville next August. We’re currently “suffering” through hotel tours and food and beverage tastings so that we can make it a wonderful conference!

Interviewed September 2015

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