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Erica Cox

Aquatic Education Specialist, Missouri State University

Educators being trained at a Missouri Project WET workshopMeet Erica:

How long have you been a WET coordinator? 6 years (almost 7!).

What’s your favorite thing about doing WET workshops? Working with the workshop participants, getting to know them and what they need and want from a WET workshop and then tailoring activity selections, based upon what they want.

Give a quote from a recent workshop. "This workshop was way more than I expected."

What is your favorite WET activity? "Sum of the Parts"—it's different every single time!

Tell us about a promotion, grant award, press, or other recognition you’ve received in the last few months. I'm not sure I would call it a promotion, but I have had some new job duties added to my position—I'm now teaching more and supervising student teachers.  I have yet to have a job in which anyone takes away job duties...:)

Any life changes to share? Kids, marriage, new home, other? Thankfully, no.

Something we don’t know about you… I can look at a color once and then match it later in a store—I don't have to take a sample with me.  So if you need any help with matching pillows to curtains or other home improvement/interior decorating jobs, I might be able to help! My husband and I also have a physically-challenged bulldog, named Sweetie, who has no idea that she is different than other dogs. She is 6, but still learning new things like how to climb 3 stairs and how to back up.

Other? I enjoy coordinating WET workshops, working with workshop facilitators with Missouri Project WET, but am most appreciative of the great WET coordinators all over the US that are part of the WET Coordinator Network.  What a fabulous group of people!  I'm thankful every day to work with such professionals. :)

Interviewed April 2015

New! So what do you do when you're not doing Project WET?

Outside of work time, I'm a runner--not roads, but trails as much as possible. I travel to northwest AR and around southwest MO to compete in trail races. I run with a group of girls and next weekend, we're doing a marathon relay in Fayetteville, AR. 

I do sew, so I guess that is a hobby of mine, but only if it all goes well like it should, do I enjoy it. I don't like to have to rip out seams when I make mistakes. And, I always make a mistake.  So, I make things like curtains and functional items that I use around the house. I've made the occasional skirt and this winter made a coat for our dog. I also like to do calligraphy and make cards, signs, etc. I love art supplies! :) So, the calligraphy pens, colored pencils, that sort of thing is right up my alley.

I do like to cook and have a good slow cooker cookbook that I'm trying out many recipes as well as making pies too. 

And, I'm not much of a TV watcher, but have recently gotten "hooked" on "Longmire" on Netflix--it's a great show and after finishing Seasons 1-4, now I have to wait until Sept. to see the next one.

Interviewed April 2016

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