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Project WET has been researching, writing and publishing water education materials since 1984. The result is the most comprehensive collection of award-winning water education books, guides, maps, posters and downloadable resources you’ll find anywhere.


Project WET Materials

Project WET publishes children’s activity booklets, children’s story books, educators’ guides and maps and posters that teach a variety of critical water topics through hands-on, science-based activities. Project WET’s educational materials have been honored by the Association of Educational Publishers, the Independent Publisher Book Awards, and the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. 


Project WET KIDs Activity Booklets


Children’s Activity Booklets : Kids In Discovery series (KIDs)

Project WET’s Kids In Discovery series (KIDs) series of activity booklets comprises more than sixty titles. Written and illustrated for children ages eight to twelve, the colorful booklets engage students in hands-on learning about water science through creative investigations, demonstrations, experiments, educational games and stories. The series also includes Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) materials for Africa, India and Latin America.

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Children’s Story Books

Lushly illustrated, Project WET’s story books invite children to experience the wonders of water.

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Project WET Guides


Educators Guides

Project WET’s educators guides feature field-tested activities for formal and non-formal educators of children from kindergarten through high school, with many pre-K extensions. The Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 can also be used in a college setting, training future educators on how to teach about water. Series include Conserve Water; Curriculum and Activity Guide; Discover a Watershed; Healthy Water, Healthy People; Water and Education and Wonders of Wetlands. Educators’ guides are perfect for:

  • Teachers of students in grades kindergarten through twelve.
  • Community educators (e.g., leaders of Scouts and Boys and Girls Clubs).
  • Government agencies and non-government organizations.
  • Museum, aquarium, zoo and National Park Service staff.

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Water Cycle Poster


Maps and Posters

Project WET produces watershed maps and colorful posters on a variety of topics relevant around the globe.

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Station Markers


Other Materials

Other water education materials include downloadable individual activities and activity kits.

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