Water Festivals

Children play a game of tag to learn about macroinvertebrates.Project WET water festivals promote awareness of and increased knowledge about water resources. Water festivals are held for children at or near their school, for community members or for consumers in a retail setting. Project WET water festivals are held globally to educate students about water in fun, interactive environments and offer alternative learning opportunities including structured learning stations and exhibits where students engage in hands-on water activities and investigations. Station topics may focus on:

  • the water cycle
  • ground water
  • springs
  • water quality
  • wetlands
  • water management
  • water conservation
  • water properties
  • soils

While grounded in water science principles, the festivals also promote multidisciplinary approaches to learning by integrating social studies, geography, math, language arts, art and journaling.

Festivals are planned at the community level and learning stations and exhibits are led by employees, educators, community water experts, parents or community members after completing Project WET training. Often, festivals coincide with water celebration days, such as World Water Day or Earth Day.

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