Wonders and Woes of Water (Lake Loramie Earl’s Island, OH)

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Aug 3 2016 to Aug 4 2016

4401 Fort Loramie Swanders Rd
Lake Loramie Earl’s Island
Minster, OH 45865
United States


Wonders and Woes of Water | Lake Loramie Earl’s Island, Minster, Ohio | August 3 & 4, 2016 

We’ll cover lake and wetland ecology, habitat, water quality issues, invasive species and the challenges that face Lake Loramie specifically and how these same concerns and challenges affect all populations (of humans as well as local flora and fauna) living so close to the water’s edge. Prepare yourself for an informative but FUN two day workshop that will again include activities and resources for grades K-12 and will align with the Ohio Academic Standards focusing on curriculum from PROJECT WET and HEALTHY WATER, HEALTHY PEOPLE. In addition to getting you on the water in pontoon boats as well as in and around the water, we’ll have great local speakers along with reps from Ohio EPA and ODNR! WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE LAKE!

For additional information and to register contact Lynda Adams via email or phone at  or 937-492-6520 Ext. 117.


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