Getting a GRIP on Groundwater (Lakewood, CA)

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Feb 11 2017

Water Replenishment District of Southern California
Lancaster, CA 90712
United States

Getting a GRIP on Groundwater | Lakewood, CA | February 11, 2017

LOS ANGELES BASIN EDUCATORS! Join us for a groundwater workshop and a teacher field trip as we weave Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) and Cross Cutting Concepts into the engaging content (DCIs) already featured in two outstanding and proven curricular tools: Project Wet and California’s place-based EEI. We will tour the Water Replenishment District’s Vander Lans Water Treatment Facility after exploring 3 example lessons to illustrate NGSS style three-dimensional learning. Collegial co-planning is built into this workshop to support your CC/NGSS action plan and develop your knowledge base of the world’s most important substance, water.

To register, please contact Brian Brown, CA Project WET Coordinator, at (916) 444-6240 or

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