Getting a GRIP on Groundwater (Lakewood, CA)

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Jan 30 2016

Water Replenishment District of Southern California
4040 Paramount Boulevard
Lakewood, CA 90712
United States

Getting a GRIP on Groundwater | Lakewood, CA | January 30, 2016

LOS ANGELES TEACHERS! Join us as we weave Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) and Cross Cutting Concepts into the engaging content (DCIs) already featured in two outstanding and proven curricular tools: Project Wet and California’s place-based EEI.  We will use 3 example lessons to illustrate how NGSS style three-dimensional learning looks, sounds, & feels in real classrooms. Teachers get research-based tools that, when implemented with integrity, will bring immediate benefits to students. Ample time for collegial co-planning is built into this workshop to support your CC/NGSS action plan and develop you knowledge base of the world’s most important substance, water. To register, please contact Kirk Amato at or (916) 341-6762.

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