Coastal Science and Stewardship for Teachers and Leaders (Los Angeles, CA)

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Jun 18 2018 to Jun 22 2018

Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, CA 90045
United States

Coastal Science & Stewardship for Teachers and Leaders | Los Angeles, CA | June 18-22, 2018

SANTA MONICA BAY REGION EDUCATORS! Grow your skills in exploring shoreline science and the wonders of water. Together we will develop instructional sequences (5E) and take stewardship action starting in our local watersheds and ending with our toes in the sand. Both NGSS and Common Core emphasize exploring natural systems, student-driven questioning, and community-based learning. With these interdisciplinary tools, teachers can help students make sense of their world using the science, engineering, and policy practices that support action in the real world. This course is ideal for teachers using either the Integrated Preferred Model for Middle School, or high school teachers who seek to integrate Earth Science into a 3 Course Model!

Contact Kurt Holland for more information or click here to register. 

Teacher PD; NGSS PD/CCSS/Common Core/Region 11

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