Biodiversity in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (Calabasas, CA)

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Mar 19 2016

King GIlette Ranch
26800 Mulholland Hwy
Calabasas, CA 91302
United States

Get Outside: It’s More Than a Field Trip! Biodiversity in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area | King Gilette Ranch, CA | March 19, 2016

Location: King Gillette Ranch, near Calabasas

Sponsored By: Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area; Los Angeles Museum of Natural History; U.S. Geological Survey, California Water Science Center, Water Education Foundation and CalRecycle

Special Note: This workshop is FREE, but registration is limited. Please bring your lunch!

Register: To reserve your spot, please e-mail your name, school and grade level or program affiliation, mailing address and phone number to Kurt Holland at:

Description: Join us for this wonderful workshop as we investigate biodiversity in the Santa Monica Mountains and life’s enabling substance, water.  By blending EEI and Project WET activities together we illustrate the three dimensional learning cycle that is integral to NGSS.

Educators get research-based planning tools that, when implemented with integrity, will bring immediate benefits to students. Ample time for collegial co-planning is built into the workshop as we explore biodiversity in the parks. This workshop is designed to support teachers planning to visit a National Park area with their class or participate in Bio-Blitzs in the park or at their own school sites – but all are invited to attend this training and get outside with us!

The Education & the Environment Initiative (EEI) provides students with depth of knowledge rooted in California specific content, while the interdisciplinary Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) activities provide an enhanced interactive activity component that engages students in learning key concepts and skills.

Both programs are correlated to Next Generation Science and Common Core Standards and are effective tools for integrating student knowledge of water resources through the study of real-life scenarios that provide strong foundations for STEAM and Service-Learning programs.

Participants will also learn about field trip opportunities, how to participate in upcoming BioBlitz opportunities with their students – and how to register all 4th grade students for FREE National Park passes!

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