Project WET’s mission is to reach children, parents, teachers and community members of the world with water education that promotes awareness of water and empowers community action to solve complex water issues. We achieve our mission by:


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WOW! The Wonder of Wetlands Workshop (Picayune, MS)

Apr 25 2019

WOW! The Wonder of Wetlands Workshop | Picayune, MS | April 25, 2019

Project WET USA

Launched in North Dakota in 1984, Project WET has developed a nationwide network of organizations and individuals dedicated to providing world-class water education to people of all ages. Our USA Network includes state agencies, municipal utilities, zoos and aquariums, faith-based organizations, colleges and universities and many other organizations with an interest in water and education throughout all 50 states.

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Project WET International

Water knows no borders. Because water is by its nature international, we have been working around the world since 1995. We now have partners and host institutions in more than 70 countries, and our materials have been customized, localized and translated for countries ranging from China to Uganda. Just as with our U.S.-based water education efforts, our international work varies by area and topic. Many of these resources are available free of charge thanks to partnerships with international and U.S. organizations such as USAID and UN-HABITAT.

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Our publications, training workshops, global network and community events are grounded in the following core beliefs:

Water connects us all

Water moves through living and nonliving systems and binds them together in a complex web of life.

Water is for all
water users

Water of sufficient quality and quantity is vital for all water users (energy producers, farmers and ranchers, fish and wildlife, manufacturers, recreationists, rural and urban dwellers).

Water must be
managed sustainably

Water resources management and education are crucial for providing tomorrow’s children with social and economic stability in a healthy and sustainable environment.

Water depends on
personal responsibility
and action

Awareness of and respect for water resources can encourage a personal, lifelong commitment of responsibility and positive community participation.

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