Proect WET is dedicated to creating the future water protectors, stewards, beneficiaries and managers. WaterStar Certification creates schools and communities of water literate youth who understand the watershed they live in, the local water challenges, and begin the process of solving these challenges.

STREAM Education with Water

Water is a part of everything we are, everything we eat, and everything we use. Yet most people do not even know where their water comes from, let alone their larger water footprint. By using real-world, relevant, and hands-on lessons, we can create an interdisciplinary learning environment that focuses on the most essential aspect of life—water. Local water issues can only be solved through an understanding of local watersheds and water systems. We can change our collective water future by educating our students about global and local water issues to build a culture of water stewardship.

Use science, technology, reading, engineering, arts and math to STREAM water education in your community.

Take action to help educate the next generation of water stewards by getting certified as a WaterStar insitution today!

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WaterStar Certification

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  • Professional development for educators in the award-winning Project WET Curriculum
  • Access to WETconnect, Project WET's digital library of resources for educators
  • Bi-monthly support webinars for educators
  • Connection to your local Project WET official partner for local support
  • Place-based projects ideas and implementation for students 
  • National recognition
  • School awards for display

Sponsor a WaterStar School


Are you interested in helping schools or educational groups (think: aquariums, 4-H and nature centers) your in area become WaterStars? Project WET offers sponsorship options from basic WaterStar certification to customized packages.

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"[The WELL] lessons give students such a great opportunity for hands-on learning! The focus is water education, yet I love that they are interdisciplinary and allow students to work at their own pace asynchronously."

–Kelly Kazmirchuk, Education Program Coordinator,
Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains 


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