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Nebraska Forest Service

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Jack Hilgert
Conservation Education Assistant, UN-Lincoln
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The mission of the Nebraska Forest Service is  to enrich the lives of all Nebraskans by protecting, restoring, and utilizing Nebraska's tree and forest resources. 

The Conservation Education (CE) program of the Nebraska Forest Service connects Nebraskans, especially youth, with our state’s trees and forest resources in order to inspire the next generation of tree planters and conservation stewards. 

NFS and our network of valued Nebraska partners provide curriculum resources and training opportunities to educators of types across Nebraska in an effort to engage enrich the lives of children through quality environmental and outdoor learning experiences. 

“I love going to Nebraska WET workshops because each time I learn new activities and ideas to share with my students, even after 21 years in education!”

WET workshops in Nebraska

  • Getting Little Feet WET for Early Childhood Educators
  • Guide 2.0 for Formal and Nonformal Educators
  • Climate Water and Resilience for Formal and Nonformal Educators
  • WOW! Wonders of Wetlands for Formal and Nonformal Educators
  • PreK-12 Topic-focused Specialty Workshops
  • Pre-Service Educator Workshops
  • In-Service Educator Workshops for School Districts and Private Groups

View our Workshop Calendar and sign up for an upcoming professional learning workshop, offered both in person and live online.

More Programs from Nebraska Project WET

  • Affiliate Education Centers: Tree Trunks for Educators
    • Nebraska Project WET has developed regional partnerships with organizations across the tree-planter’s state called Affiliate Education Centers. Each center houses “Tree Trunks” that can be checked out by educators and the public which include Project WET curriculum and additional materials to support integrating the activities into their work with youth right away. Each Affiliate Education Center also has a trained Nebraska Project WET Facilitator on staff who provides professional learning workshops on an annual basis to connect area educators with Project WET while meeting the needs of the educators in their local community.
  • Forest Field Trips
    • Bring your students to the forest to explore, play, and learn during a field trip! These experiences are perfect for schools, daycares, summer camps, and other youth groups. Expose your students to a real forest before or after using WET lessons in the classroom. Don’t forget, Healthy waters requires healthy forests!
  • Bring Project WET to Your Classroom
    • Can’t take your students on a field trip? Bring the Nebraska Forest Service to your school with an Outreach Program! We can visit schools both in person and virtually via zoom technology. Click the link for a pre-made menu of offerings. Looking for something specific? We are happy to deliver programs tailored to educator’s individual needs and/or connect them with subject matter experts who are Nebraska Project WET partners.
  • Apply Project WET Concepts through Nebraska 4H
    • Nebraska Forest Service works closely with Nebraska 4H to support environmental education including assisting with 4H projects and contests at the County and State Fairs. Students can apply knowledge gained through WET activities to various Nebraska 4H projects, fair exhibits, and contests while earning awards and recognition along the way. Get started by contacting your local Nebraska Extension Office today!
  • Register for Our Conservation Education eNewsletter
    • Learn what programs and support Nebraska Project WET has to offer each month via email! Upcoming educator workshops, activity ideas, grant announcements, and other environmental education opportunities are featured to enrich you and your students’ educational journey to appreciate and conserve natural resources.
  • Past eNewsletter Issues
    • Miss out on an eNewsletter? Just register but want to know what is happening right now? Explore past issues of our Conservation Education eNewsletter as well as other Nebraska Forest Service announcements here.

Want to learn more about Project WET in Nebraska?
Visit the Nebraska Forest Service Website and contact Jack Hilgert your Nebraska WET State Coordinator.

Jack HilgertNebraska PLT State Coordinator Conservation Education Coordinator University of Nebraska–Lincoln Forestry Hall, 303E P.O. Box 830815 Lincoln, NE 68588-0815 402-472-9727jack.hilgert [at] ()data-auth="NotApplicable" data-linkindex="10" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"

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