Elm Fork Education Center

Elm Fork Education Center

Marti Lathrop
Project WET Coordinator
Marti.Lathrop [at] unt.edu

Meet Marti:

I have been an educator at the Elm Fork Education Center for more than 12 years and a homeschool parent for even longer. I am also a certified science teacher. My husband is retired Air Force, and we traveled the world for almost 25 years. My sons are now in the their twenties and have both graduated from college.

I have been a Project WET coordinator for only about 6 months, but I have worked with WET materials for a number of years. I love working with Project WET because of the ideas I can share and that are shared with me about a subject we are equally passionate about. I am not sure I could choose a favorite activity, but I do recall a time when we were presenting "Water Quality? Ask the Bugs!" and the 3rd grade students were having difficulty finding actual macroinvertebrates in our pond area. One of the students became so exasperated that he shouted, "If this were 'Survivor,' we would all be dead!" 

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