Watershed Protection children's activity booklet prompts enthusiastic student response

Watershed Protection KIDs Activity BookletRecently, we received an early Christmas present: a packet of letters from fourth graders in Elko, Nev., who had received and used our Kids In Discovery Series (KIDS) activity booklet, Watershed Protection. Addressed to us and Project WET Nevada Coordinator Mary Kay Wagner, the letters described how the students had used the booklets in their classes and what they had learned. Since we usually send our materials out into the world for educators to use, we don't often get this kind of direct feedback once field tests are finished. That makes these words of watershed wisdom even sweeter. Based on these fourth graders, water education is indeed creating a wonderful next generation of water stewards.

After being the fish biologist during the Good Watershed Neighbors activity and learning about CPR for watersheds, Bailey says she is going to start helping her watershed.

Bailey letter


Jada writes that she learned that planting plants by the lake can help nature and the environment. Also, her watershed neighbors group didn't spill their bucket of water!

Jada letter


Trystan says that his teacher is "really awesome" and wants to know how we came up with "this amazing book":

Trystan letter

Austin writes that the favorite thing that he learned was "how many people work together to keep water healthy."

Austin letter


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