Primary school students learn about water conservation and hygiene in central China

Ecolab Greater China President Tim Wang joined 16 other Ecolab employees to teach primary school children about water conservation and hygieneEcolab Greater China President Tim Wang joined 16 other Ecolab employees to teach primary school children about water conservation and hygiene Tim Wang, the president of Ecolab Greater China, joined more than a dozen Ecolab employees for a two-day-long volunteer event last month. With a focus on sharing the lessons on water conservation and hygiene customized for China as part of the Clean and Conserve program, the event reached 80 primary school children and their teachers.

"Ecolab's mission is to protect important resources for human life. We hope to stimulate and facilitate positive changes in people's daily life  through the Project WET program," Tim Wang said. "It was my first time joining in an E-Care event as a volunteer, and I feel very close to these children and the interactive Project WET lessons. They help the children understand the importance of water resources protection and personal health and have far-reaching significance to children's physical and mental development."

Volunteers decorated the school in preparation for the eventVolunteers decorated the school in preparation for the event The 16 Ecolab employees who traveled to the primary school—located in the central Chinese province of Henan—came from as far away as Singapore to volunteer. In all, the volunteers represented six different cities and eight departments within Ecolab Greater China. The event was organized as part of the company’s E-Care School Volunteer Program.

The day began with volunteers decorating the areas of the school where the event would take place in preparation for an opening ceremony. When the students arrived for the ceremony, they were presented with new backpacks and had the opportunity to hear from Mr. Wang. Ecolab volunteers then split into smaller groups to present the five lessons on water conservation and hygiene.

Ecolab volunteers teach students in the Henan Province the importance of proper handwashingEcolab volunteers taught students in all grades the importance of proper handwashing All grades participated in “Healthy Personal Hygiene” and “Surface Sanitation Solutions” to ensure that the key messages of using water to prevent the spread of germs that can cause illness were delivered to each student. Students in grade two and above also participated in the three other Clean and Conserve activities focused on the importance of soap, as well as on watersheds, water conservation and water quality.

Ecolab volunteers came from as far away as Singapore to take partEcolab volunteers came from as far away as Singapore to take part Once all the groups had participated in the learning activities, students stood in line to have their pictures taken to remember the day.

Jeff Li, the District Manager of Ecolab Greater China's INST Department and at 62 the oldest volunteer, said, “The students were excited to enjoy the Project WET class and to learn about the Clean and Conserve concepts through interactive games. Some of them told me they wanted to enjoy this kind of class again. As an employee volunteer, I am also positively impacted by this event and am so proud work at this great company.”


Clean and Conserve Activity Guide in MandarinTo download the Clean and Conserve materials in Mandarin, visit

China is one of four target markets launching the Clean and Conserve Education Program, which is designed to reach two million people with interactive water conservation and hygiene education by the end of 2017. All materials in the program are available for download and use at no charge. To date, translations and customizations of all materials have been completed in English, Mandarin and Spanish for Mexico. The Activity Guide for Educators is also available in Portuguese for Brazil and French for Canada. German-language customization is underway.

The Project WET Foundation's partnership with Ecolab is part of Ecolab's Solutions for Life program, which enhances the company’s work to conserve water and improve hygiene around the world through partnerships with leading NGOs, global philanthropy and employee volunteerism.

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