Afghan NGO uses Project WET activities to teach about water, sanitation and hygiene as well as wetlands and conservation

Women at the Project WET workshop in Kabul learned about proper hand washing and other water topicsWomen at the Project WET workshop in Kabul learned about proper hand washing and other water topics Project WET has partnered with a local NGO in Afghanistan, the Green House Organization, to launch Project WET's innovative and interactive water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) curriculum in Kabul and several surrounding provinces. The Green House Organization has already conducted several successful trainings on hand washing and boiling water with teachers in Kabul using Project WET methodology and activities that have been specially adapted for Afghanistan.

As part of their training, teachers were presented with a Dari-language educators' guide that presented a sampling of Project WET lessons. These lessons were locally selected for their particular relevance to local life including disease prevention and public health, watershed and wetland preservation and water conservation. The teachers evinced particular interest in improving area wetlands.

Dari-language materials empower Afghan women to improve hygiene, conserve water and protect wetlandsTeachers from Kole Heshmat Khan, one of the selected pilot schools, have since formed an organized group called Safa ("Cleanliness") to promote both WASH and the health of local wetlands. In one example of moving from schools into the community, these WASH-trained teachers used the loudspeaker of the mosque to invite local women to learn about the importance of proper hand washing. Approximately 50 women took advantage of the training.

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