New Activity Booklet Helps Kids Understand the Links Between Food, Water and Agriculture

Water, Agriculture and Food KIDs booklet coverWater, Agriculture and Food is Project WET's newest children's activity booklet FOR RELEASE: March 20, 2018

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Four out of five Americans today live in urban areas. For most kids, that makes the labor—and the water—that goes into producing food largely invisible. A new children’s activity booklet, “Water, Agriculture and Food”, addresses how and where food is grown, as well as the link between the food we eat and the water we all must share to meet the needs of a growing population. “Water, Agriculture and Food” will be available for purchase as a digital download on World Water Day, and in print in early April.

“Agriculture provides everything we eat and many items that we wear and use every day,” said Dennis Nelson, president and CEO of the Project WET Foundation, the nonprofit water education organization that developed the booklet. “Even so, very few kids actually understand the contribution that farmers and ranchers make to society, and fewer still grasp the relationship between food and water. ‘Water, Agriculture and Food’ will help young people make these connections.”

A 16-page resource that kids can use on their own or with guidance from a teacher or parent, “Water, Agriculture and Food” features eight interactive, two-page spreads with games, exercises, experiments and assessments. Readers will learn about food from farm to fork, including the role of risk, land and water stewardship, technology and innovation in agriculture.

"Water, Agriculture and Food" was developed thanks in part to a donation from Doris Griffin, in honor of her late husband, Stanley “Stan” Griffin, a North Dakota farmer, rancher and teacher.

“Stan enjoyed thinking of ways to educate children and others about water, not only from an academic point of view, but mostly because as a farmer and rancher, he dealt with water issues and challenges every day,” Nelson explained.

In addition to the support from the Griffins, a survey of the Project WET USA Network ranked water and agriculture as their number one topic for a new KIDs booklet. The donation and the networks input together helped launch the development of the resource, which represents Project WET’s 61st title in the Kids In Discovery series of activity booklets. The next KIDs booklet will be “Water and Cities”; development is underway now.

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