Water Education Haiku: Arizona Project WET Adds the A to STEAM

Arizona Project WET logo blueThe team at Arizona Project WET recently submitted this batch of water education haiku. What would your water education haiku be? Use the #wethaiku hashtag to submit your own haiku on social media. We'll share the results with the world!


9 years getting WET

Ground, rain, recycled water

Helping teachers grow


Love to engineer

STEM Curriculum writing

Education day


Teachers, kids, public

Students, teachers, volunteers

Learn about water


Activate learning –

Ask questions to prompt thinking

… and discovery.


Aqua STEM knowledge.

Systems thinking in parts.

Water is the whole.


Water efficiency savings

Inspiring students

Making a difference.


Educators, Kids

Coordinating logistics

Successful Program


Thinks about water

Web, curriculum, teaching

Hands in every pot

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