TOMRA Joins America’s Water Future Campaign to Support Education on Recycling and Water

TOMRA logoSeeking to educate young people about the link between recycling and water, TOMRA has become a signature sponsor of the America’s Water Future initiative, our 10-year campaign to support water education efforts in the United States. The new partnership is kicking off with a series of teacher workshops and recycling-themed school festivals in the state where TOMRA of North America has its headquarters, Connecticut. Our partner in Connecticut, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Kellogg Environmental Education Center, is organizing the events there, and the first festival will be held on America Recycles Day, November 15th.

“At TOMRA, we’re dedicated to the proper collection and handling of used beverage containers, which helps keep them out of our watersheds,” said Ernie Argenio, senior vice president – sales and marketing, TOMRA of North America. “By educating future generations about recycling and how it’s connected to water conservation, we can help encourage people to not only think about if they’re recycling, but how they’re recycling. We’re proud to be part of the incredible work that both the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Project WET do.”

The festival and follow-up educational resources will provide students with information to take home and share with families and friends to encourage recycling. Recycling protects waterways in Connecticut and beyond by keeping solid waste off the land and out of rivers and streams, while also conserving natural resources. Connecticut is working to increase recycling rates to 60 percent by the year 2024. Educational outreach can increase local action in recycling efforts, make connections between recycling and water conservation and inspire youth to conserve natural resources.

Four other festivals will be held in Connecticut in the next few months. TOMRA’s support allowed the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to train about 20 local teachers to use Project WET to teach about water and recycling in two workshops held recently. Looking ahead, we are working with TOMRA to expand their support of the America’s Water Future program to other U.S. states.

Recycling is part of America’s Water Future. Find out how you can support education about recycling and other vitally important water topics by visiting the America’s Water Future web page.


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