Project WET in British Columbia: Award-Winning Work with Educators

Since 1996, WildBC and the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) have delivered Project WET workshops throughout the Canadian province of British Columbia. In that time, their 50 facilitators have hosted 192 workshops and trained some 3,000 educators to teach people about water. This year, HCTF, its WildBC facilitators and Project WET British Columbia Coordinator Kerrie Mortin were jointly honoured with the Project WET Canada award. The award was presented by the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA), the national host of Project WET in Canada, in recognition of the trio's "long-standing efforts to promote quality water education."

As part of the award presentation, WildBC presented a video about the work of the organization:

According to HCTF's website, Project WET in Canada has reached nearly 10,000 educators in all provinces and territories, and of these, "fully 30% have been trained in British Columbia." In the words of CWRA's National Educator Coordinator Lizabeth Nicholls, the HCTF, WildBC and Kerrie "richly deserve the award for all the work they have done."

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