Place-Based Learning in Project WET’s “Hometown” Showcased in New Video

Our ongoing program with the City of Bozeman has helped teach kids about Bozeman’s watershed, water conservation and stormwater. The place-based learning program has shown impressive results in its pilot phase and will be continuing this fall with fifth graders in Bozeman.

The City of Bozeman’s Water Conservation Division recently produced a video entitled “Water in Bozeman: The Big Picture”. The video features basic information about Bozeman’s water situation, including the area’s location at the headwaters of one of the country’s most important rivers, its relatively arid climate and the work the City is doing to promote water conservation. The joint Project WET-City of Bozeman program plays a prominent role in those efforts. You can view the video on the City of Bozeman’s YouTube channel, or it’s embedded below:

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