New Resources Help Bring Engineering and Environmental Education Together

Student creating a sneaker made from eco-friendly materialsStudent creating a sneaker made from eco-friendly materials (Photo courtesy of Design Squad Global) Editor's note: Given the ongoing interest in STEM instruction among Project WET educators and the Project WET network, we wanted to highlight this new resource from Design Squad Global, a PBS KIDS show and website.

Design Squad Global (DSG) is rolling out all-new resources this Fall. For years Design Squad Global, a PBS KIDS show and website, has created activities, videos and after-school clubs that aim to get kids excited about engineering. Design Squad Global is tackling a new content area: inventing for a sustainable future. DSG wants to get kids thinking about how engineering can make an impact on environmental sustainability. The new club guide called “Inventing Green” gets kids to think about how to solve environmental problems with engineering as well as how to create new inventions using a sustainability mindset. DSG has six new activities including designing Sneakers using earth-friendly materials, building Wind Power Stations that harness wind to do useful work, and creating Light Pipes to illuminate rooms without electricity. Kids who participate in DSG Clubs learn science and engineering concepts, the power of teamwork, and the fact that they have the ability to make a difference in their community.

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