Guest Post: The Value of Long-Term Partnerships

By Julia Beck, Senior Program Manager, Project WET USA

Lynne Richard, Maine Project WETLynne Richard This month and next month we congratulate several of our long-term Coordinators on their retirements. This is bittersweet news for the Project WET USA Network: We are losing their very considerable experience and knowledge, but we are also excited to welcome new Coordinators who can build on their legacies.

Jo AdangJo Adang It is with a heavy heart that we say congratulations and farewell to Lynne Richard of Maine, Jo Adang of Georgia (who I still hope to welcome back in a few months) and Mary Kay Wagner of Nevada. Although not a retirement, Barbara Miller of Arkansas also leaves the Project WET network this month as the partnership of Arkansas DEQ and Project WET sunsets.

Mary Kay Wagner, Nevada Project WET CoordinatorMary Kay Wagner These departures allow me to reflect on the importance of capturing the knowledge and experience of these long-time Coordinators. New Coordinators can learn from the experience of long-term Coordinators through their interactions at the USA conference, webinars, the mentoring program and questions and answers posed on the list-serv. I encourage any Coordinators (short or long-term) to share their experiences with others as it only helps us grow as a network. And I encourage new Coordinators to ask questions on the list-serv, in webinars and to other Coordinators.

Barbara MillerBarbara Miller I want to say a big THANK YOU to Lynne, Jo, Mary Kay and Barbara! We will miss you, and I hope you all stay in touch.


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