Environmental Education Matters—Now and in the Future

Environmental Education: A Strategy for Today and Tomorrow’s World as it appears on the Pisces Foundation websiteEnvironmental Education: A Strategy for Today and Tomorrow’s World as it appears on the Pisces Foundation website David Beckman, president of the environmental philanthropy, the Pisces Foundation, offered a manifesto of sorts for those of us involved in environmental education in a recent blog post. Drawing from his own experiences as a young boy who attended a school in Philadelphia with abundant access to the natural world, Mr. Beckman explains how his experiences in nature shaped his work as an advocate for the environment. He draws a direct line between the time he (and others) spent in nature as children and a commitment to environmental stewardship, asserting that environmental education “teaches children, from the earliest ages, to be good stewards of our environment.” He also lists out a compendium of other benefits of environmental education:


“We know now that environmental learning sticks with kids more than traditional learningfuels interest in science, and sparks the curiosity that makes kids better learners, including in math and the language arts. It also improves health and wellness, because play outdoors improves children’s mental and physical healthEnvironmental education strengthens children’s self-esteem, leadership, and character, and enhances social justice by leveling the playing field across genders and ethnicities.”


The millions of educators who use Project WET have long recognized that water education teaches students about more than the water cycle, wetlands or whatever individual water topic an activity covers. With hands-on, interactive methods that often work best in nature, Project WET activities offer educators the chance to positively impact their students’ lives and future choices with lessons they teach today. It’s a pleasure to see environmental education in the spotlight, acknowledged for its role in creating a society more aware of the world around them. As Mr. Beckman says, “While it doesn’t tell young people how to think, environmental education does teach kids to be better-informed members of their community.”

About the Pisces Foundation: The Pisces Foundation believes if we act now and boldly, we can quickly accelerate to a world where people and nature thrive together. Pisces mainstreams powerful new solutions to support innovators who know what it takes and are doing what’s necessary to have clean and abundant water, a safe climate, and kids with the environmental know-how to create a sustainable world. To learn more about Pisces’ work and collaborations visit http://piscesfoundation.org/:

(The above excerpt appears with permission from David Beckman and the Pisces Foundation but does not imply endorsement of the Project WET Foundation. To learn more about the Pisces Foundation, visit their website.)



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