#AstroFriday: A Teacher in Space

The final #AstroFriday question highlights Ricky's perspective as a former classroom teacher embarking on the second half of NASA's Year of Education on Station, a unified campaign aimed at providing both teachers and students with educational materials and opportunities. 

PWF: As an astronaut who is also a former classroom teacher, you have unique insights into the way education intersects with the real-world science, technology, engineering and math underway on the ISS. Where does water education fit in to that? How is it important?

Astronaut Ricky Arnold: Understanding water as both a rather unique molecule and a finite resource is fundamental to understanding and protecting life here on Earth. Human beings have difficulty understanding things on a large scale—time, the cosmos, even something as seemingly limitless as our atmosphere and our oceans. Education focused on localized impacts within a global context is vitally important if we really want to make progress on major water-related issues like climate change.

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AstroFriday week 8 answer AstroFriday Week 8 Answer

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