This year's World Water Day theme is Groundwater - Making the Invisible Visible.

Groundwater is water that fills the spaces between soil particles beneath the Earth's surface. Although we can't see it, groundwater is an important source of water in our environment and is used in thousands of ways every day - from drinking, bathing and cooking to irrigating crops that we eat to providing the source for many streams and lakes where we recreate! 

To prepare for this World Water Day, Project WET is offering resources for everyone to learn about groundwater and for educators to teach about groundwater with students. Find our award-winning resources below and celebrate with us this World Water Day!

World Water Day takes place every year on March 22nd. 


Student Lessons

Get the Groundwater Picture


Adapted from the classic Project WET activity, Get the Groundwater Picture, this eLesson is intended for upper elementary and middle school students or older. Learn the basics of groundwater and conduct your own experiment to see how water moves through different ground substrates.

Digital Lesson
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A Plume Problem


Middle and high school lesson in which students must find the source of an arsenic plume by following the data clues.

Digital Lesson
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New! Groundwater Unit on WETconnect

Just in time for World Water Day this year, Project WET has added a unit on groundwater to its digital library of resources on WETconnect. Find the lessons "Get the Groundwater Picture," "A Grave Mistake," and "Springing into Action" for a limited time with an educator subscription.

Educators and students can explore Discover Groundwater & Springs interactive student booklet on WETconnect as well as the eLessons found on this webpage - Get the Groundwater Picture and A Plume Problem (adapted from A Grave Mistake).

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