Interactive learning as a digital experience 

Project WET is well-known for our hands-on, experiential activities to teach about water.
Did you know that we also have options to allow students of all ages learn about water through a digital experience?

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Explore Your Watershed

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Did you know that most adults in America don't know where their water comes from? Have you ever wondered where water goes after you use it? If you're looking for answers to these questions, then check out this brand new resource! We've partnered with Mister Car Wash on a webpage that allows users to explore their watershed, where their water comes from, where it goes, and what challenges their watershed is facing. Just type in your zip code or click a location on the map to learn more.


Water Education Portal

Water Education Portal

Are you an educator who is already trained in Guide 2.0? We offer an educator portal full of additional resources to help you use the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0to teach about water! This includes detailed information on education standards and Guide 1.0 activities. 


Digital Tools

Project WET’s interactive website hosts some of Project WET’s most popular activities in a fun digital learning experience. The website is targeted for tweens (children ages 8-12) but has proven fun for learners of all ages! This free tool includes interactive activities, quizzes, Science Notebook pages, printable individual action posters, and resources for teachers. All this and the activities are correlated to Common Core and NGSS standards!

Student-led Experiential Learning


When COVID-19 forced schools to close and go remote in the spring of 2020,Project WET quickly mobilized to produce interactive lessons that teachers or parents could assign for students to complete on their own. These hands-on, experiential activities get students exploring water topics through step-by-step instructions that have them mapping, measuring water and observing phenomena on their own. Explore our free demonstration activities by visiting our distance learning resources and our catalogue of student-led lessons on our store.

Distance Learning

KIDS (Kids in Discovery Series) Booklets Digital Experience

Digital Booklets

As digital tools are proving to be more important than ever in education, Project WET has taken many of it award-winning KIDS booklets and moved them into an interactive digital format for students to complete directly on their computer, tablet, or another mobile device. Simply choose the “digital experience” when you purchase a KIDS booklet to explore the topics in our KIDS books in greater detail than we have ever offered before!


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