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50 years ago, the United States passed the Clean Water Act (CWA), recognizing access to safe, clean drinking water as a basic human right. Since then, protection of our waterways has become a priority. Previously popular practices, like dumping sewage and untreated waste into water were discontinued and continue to be patrolled to halt and such violations. The the Clean Water Act was also a catalyst for other countries to protect their own water. 

As leaders in water education, we are proud to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Clean Water Act. To commemorate this anniversary, Project WET is offering a variety of resources to help educators teach about maintaining clean water. We know we still have much work to do here in the U.S. to ensure EVERYONE has clean and safe water within their communities. We hope the lessons and resources we offer below will begin the conversation with youth about how to be part of the solution while celebrating the progress we have made on this 50th anniversary of the CWA.  



Sum of the Parts e-Lesson


Sum of the Parts, one of our most popular activities, explores how everyone contributes to the pollution of a river as a it flows through a watershed and how this contribution can be reduced. Students will learn about different types of pollution, how human action contributes to the health of a river, and practices for better management of water. Learning or teaching these concepts is the perfect way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of passing the Clean Water Act!

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Water for You and Me


Water For You and Me is a full-color, 12-page children’s booklet that introduces water topics to elementary and middle-school-aged children through fun learning activities that kids can do in a classroom, scout meeting or other group setting, or on their own at home with parents or grandparents. 

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Coloring Pages


Download these coloring pages to start the discussion about clean water with your younger children today!

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