Getting Little Feet Wet

Getting Little Feet Wet CoverDeveloped specifically for teachers working with young children (ages 3-6) and in coordination with early childhood experts and educators, Getting Little Feet Wet is Project WET’s early childhood curriculum. Getting Little Feet Wet contains 11 interactive, hands-on activities for young learners to explore different aspects of water—from water properties to water sounds. Each activity offers both Pre-K and K-2 options and is correlated to respective educational standards. Getting Little Feet Wet is available both as a digital and printed book. In the digital book, readers can click on suggested resources, specific materials and additional links to go directly to a webpage with more information on the resource or product. Alternatively, readers of both the printed and digital versions can click on the link below or go to to find links to the suggested resources.

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Getting Little Feet Wet

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Getting Little Feet Wet

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Water for YOU and ME

For a limited time—Water for You and Me available for free with your purchase of Getting Little Feet Wet!

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Water We Sing About

Water We Singing About?, by musician Kevin Kopp,  is a great accompaniment to Getting Little Feet Wet and features original songs that correspond to various water topics addressed in Project WET activities. Users can choose to purchase individual songs or the whole album.

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Getting Little Feet WetWater We Sing About

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Getting Little Feet WetWater We Sing About

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Project WET StandardsStandards Correlations

Getting Little Feet Wet is correlated to both Pre-K and K-2 educational standards including Head Start Learning Domains, NAEYC, NAAEE, NGSS and Common Core State Standards. Click on the appropriate standard to download detailed information about the correlations in Getting Little Feet Wet


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