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In March 2020 COVID-19 (aka the Coronavirus) forced school closures for the foreseeable future and cancelled professional development training for teachers. Project WET wants to ensure that water education continues for people of all age and so we created a suite of free and discounted resources that educators, parents and children can use to learn about water while meeting standards in math, language arts, science and even fine arts. We hope this helps educators and students continue learning and exploring during this pandemic.

Please contact Project WET at info@projectwet.org with any questions or suggestions during this time of social distancing. 

Note that we will be updating this page regularly with new resources and tips. Please check back weekly to view Project WET resources!


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Coming Soon!

Get ready to connect with students through water education in a new and innovative way!

WETconnect is a digital, interactive experience for educators and students to learn about water.

WETconnect screenshotNow everyone can experience Project WET’s award-winning water education publications and activities from anywhere in the world. Through an app or desktop, educators can connect with their students online or offline. Students can watch videos, play games, read books, compare notes and more, bringing water education to life. In addition to eBooks and digital lessons, educators can also download printable PDF instructions for screen-free activities. WETconnect is perfect for classroom or distance learning.

Features will include:

  • Individual full access to all lessons and activity eBooks for educators, parents and home school students.
  • Group, class, school or district access to interactive eBooks, digital lessons, and printable instructions for screen-free activities.
  • Interactive lessons to guide students through Project WET’s award-winning activities in a self-paced and hands-on format. (Lessons are correlated to NGSS and Common Core Standards.)
  • eBooks that feature games, quizzes, videos and more to keep students engaged.
  • Communication tools that allow students to post questions and comments for teacher feedback within each experience.
  • Built-in assessments for every student.
  • Easy to get started, just plug and play.

Educator Online Trainings

Professional development should not stop just because we cannot meet face-to-face! Below are some options for educators to receive continuing education units (CEUs) and learn how water relates to ALL subjects!

Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0

Guide 2.0Unable to attend an in-person Project WET workshop to get certified in the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0? No problem! We offer an online certification. Work with your local Project WET Coordinator to take this training.

Contact your local Coordinator

Learn More

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Resources

Explore our free water, sanination and hygiene (WASH) resources including training and educator guides from the Clean and Conserve program (U.S. audiences) and our international WASH programs.

Clean and Conserve Resources    WASH Resources 

Free At-Home Learning Resources

Healthy Habits Coloring Pages

Water and SoapDiscuss healthy hygiene and healthy communities with early learners.

Download Coloring Pages


DiscoverWater.orgWater touches every aspect of our lives—the cells in our bodies, the food we eat, the recreational activities that we enjoy, the weather and much more! DiscoverWater.org is a self-directed educational resource about different water topics—ranging from global to personal perspective—which together reflect many of the complex and important roles of water in our lives. DiscoverWater.org is designed for use by children ages 7-12 and for educators and parents of this age group, both in and out of a classroom setting. Although targeted for tweens, learners of all ages enjoy playing games on DiscoverWater.org!

Launch DiscoverWater.org

Student Lessons and Tutorials

These lessons were developed for educators and parents to assign lessons to students at home. We will be adding regularly and will have something for anyone wanting to use Project WET activities at home! Click on a lesson or tuorial to begin.

Pre-K Activity on Water Properties

Explore the properties of water with pre-school children.


Getting Little Feet Wet Early Childhood Guide

Project WET's Early Childhood Resources

Get WET! Home Water Lesson: Seeing Watersheds

Upper elementary and middle school lesson that teaches the definition of a watershed

Seeing Watersheds Lesson

How to assign or use the digital lesson

Download PDF printable version


House of Seasons Pre-K Lesson

Teach pre-school aged children about water in different seasons while doing a fun art project.

Download House of Season Copy Pages

Getting Little Feet Wet Early Childhood Guide

Get WET! Home Water Lesson: A Drop in the Bucket 

Upper elementary and middle school lesson on the availability of water on Earth

How to assign or use the digital lesson

Download PDF printable version

Get WET! Home Water Lesson: H2Olympics

Upper elementary and middle school lesson that teaches cohesion, adhesion and surface tension


How to assign or use the digital lesson

Download PDF printable version

Get WET! Home Water Lesson: A Plume Problem

(aka A Grave Mistake)

Middle and high school lesson that requires students to find the source of an arsenic plume

A Plume Problem

How to assign or use the digital lesson

Download PDF printable version

Student Activity Booklets

Project WET KIDs Activity BookletsIn addition to hands-on activities to teach about water, Project WET offers over 70 titles of student activity booklets. Targeted for children ages 8-12, these colorful and interactive booklets allow children to work independently or with a parent/educator. Although the target age is 8-12, younger children may like to have these booklets read to them and older students (even adults!) may find they learn something new!

We have both print and PDF options, so you can choose what is best for your needs.

Explore our collection of booklets


Water for YOU and ME! Early Childhood Storybook

Water for YOU and MEFor younger learners, Project WET offers Water for YOU and ME!, a storybook with suggested activities to learn and observe water properties. It is designed for use by early childhood educators, parents, grandparents and anyone else who wants to help young children understand the importance of water to life and its use in keeping people healthy. This book is appropriate for ages 3-6.

Download Water for YOU and ME!

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