Ask the Scientist

Since the Clean and Conserve Education Program was launched in 2014, Ecolab scientists in all four of the program’s target markets—the United States, Mexico, China, and Germany—have shared their expertise with the Project WET blog via the “Ask the Scientist” series. Below are the scientists who have talked to Project WET about their views on water as it relates to their work in science for Ecolab:

Dr. Raj Rajan (USA)

Ecolab's RD&E Vice President and Global Sustainability Technical Leader, Dr. Raj Rajan has 30 years of experience in water cycle management and environmental process engineering for the paper, petroleum, chemical, utility, food, beverage, transportation, and energetics industries and the travel and tourism sector. In discussing water and sustainability, Dr. Rajan said, "Comprehensive water education will broadly result in an inherent desire not only to conserve the quantity of water used but also to protect and preserve water quality." ... read more


Rafael Ornelas (Mexico)

Rafael Ornelas is the regional leader of Ecolab's research center for Mexico and Northern Latin America. He said the Clean and Conserve program has helped him explain to his children why what he does helps water: "It was hard to explain something like surface tension in a way my kids could understand. I shared the Soap Science activity with them, and that helped them understand my work of developing low-foam detergents that require less water to rinse off." ... read more


Dr. Jian Kun Shen (China)

The R&D Director for the Ecolab China Innovation Center, Dr. Jian Kun Shen has designed research labs and centers, executed innovation processes, recruited talent and much more during his nearly 20 years of work in three countries for Nalco and Ecolab. In his interview, Dr. Shen said that the thing he most wanted young people to understand about water is that life would not be possible without it: "Clean water is essential for our daily life," he added. ... read more


Sylvia Geipel (Germany)

Chemist Sylvia Geipel works for Ecolab in the German city of Monheim. In the course of her work, Sylvia is often called up on to lead tours for customers, which sometimes involves explaining complicated scientific concepts to people outside of the technical field. Because of this, Sylvia has embraced the Clean and Conserve program as a way to further reach the public with information about water as "our most important limited resource." ... read more


Tobias Personke (Germany)

Before Tobias Personke joined Ecolab, he worked as a chef, studied nutrition science and home economics and worked in the food industry. Now a father of two and senior technical support specialist, Tobias looks at water from a hygiene perspective: "In areas of the world where clean water is abundant, water is the best basis to create a healthy environment. But if water is scarce, or water resources are not reliable, water can be also the starting point for disease." ... read more


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