Clean and Conserve Individual Activities

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Healthy Personal Hygiene

Students learn how germs can spread through contact with people and objects, and how the use of proper personal hygiene habits can stop germ transmission. (Activity length: 45 minutes)

Surface Sanitation Solutions

Students learn to identify and prevent common water- and hygiene-related diseases by identifying preventative methods of surface germ transmission. (Activity length: 45 minutes)

Soap Science

Students learn how soap works together with water to clean dirt and germs from surfaces while exploring the most effective combinations of soap, water and time spent washing. (Activity length: 45 minutes)

Conserve Water

By allocating a limited water supply, students learn how their water use affects others in their community. (Activity length: 50 minutes)

Healthy Natural Environments

In this whole-body activity, students investigate how water moves through a watershed and learn how individual decisions affect the health of that watershed. (Activity length: 50 minutes)

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