On World Water Day, Who Will You Educate About Water?

Students in Gilbert explore watersheds using a 3-D model. (Photo by Arizona Project WET Staff)Help #teachwater with a donation to Project WET One child.

One teacher.

One classroom.

One community.

For more than 30 years, educators have been using our materials to teach about water. From pre-school through pre-service, educators of all kinds rely on Project WET activities and other resources to teach about water conservation, water quality, watersheds, water and health, water careers and more. Our teaching methods excite students, teach valuable skills and instill a lifelong commitment to responsible environmental stewardship. 

With roots in a North Dakota state agency, Project WET has relied on support from federal, state and local governments, international organizations, family foundations and some of the world's largest companies. The thousands of individuals and organizations who purchase our materials each year have also allowed us to weather difficult funding environments. We are grateful for the amazing diversity of support for water education since 1984.

In 2019, however, we are facing unprecedented challenges. Across the country, environmental education programs are facing cutbacks, even though water education is more important than ever. A changing climate and growing population are putting even more strain on the fresh, clean, available water we all share. These challenges can only be addressed when people have a basic understanding of water.

We need your support to #teachwater. Can you help us by donating to the campaign and sharing our work with your friends and colleagues?

Who will you educate about water?

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