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Why I Support Project WET: Diana Ibarra – International Teacher

This article is part of a series highlighting Project WET's educators and the donors who help them access our science-based, hands-on resources. With Project WET's curriculum, they can confidently teach about water and our changing climate, preparing our youth for a resilient future. You can help lead the way to climate resilience by donating to our 2021 year-end campaign. From now until the end of 2021, the first $18,000 in individual donations of $50 or more will automatically be doubled through a generous gift from the Water Leaders Matching Fund. Click here to support Project WET.

Teacher Diana Ibarra has used Project WET’s award-winning lesson plans for years with her students in Hong Kong. The hands-on activities and real-life STEM experiences are easily adaptable to their local watersheds. By learning about the sources of their drinking water and the climate issues that threaten its quality, Diana’s students have developed a stronger understanding of their role in building a sustainable, healthy future for all. In the video below, Diana explains why she loves Project WET and what inspired her to become a Project WET supporter.


By supporting Project WET, you help educators and students worldwide learn about drinking water quality through science-based, hands-on activities. When we understand where our water comes from and the challenges we face with a growing population and a changing climate, we are all empowered to protect our most precious resource.

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