Walmart Supercenter employees teach shoppers about watersheds and watershed protection.Walmart Supercenter employees teach shoppers about watersheds At two Montana Walmart stores, more than 400 children, along with their parents, grandparents and others, learned about ground water, the water cycle, water conservation and ways to protect their watersheds through Project WET activities. Walmart associates, and the Project WET staff who trained them, led the activities.

Bozeman Walmart’s PSP Captain and Jewelry Department Manager told a captivated group of children and parents, "And then I precipitated from the clouds to the ocean. The ocean was a comfortable place, and I spent many days swimming among the other drops of water. Then, one day, I found myself being pulled to the surface of the ocean. And that is the story of my incredible journey," she concluded.

In Project WET’s activity, the Incredible Journey, children act as water molecules, simulating the movement of water through the water cycle. At the Project WET and Walmart World Water Day Celebration on World Water Day, "The Incredible Journey" was one of 11 activities in which weekend shoppers participated.

Shoppers pledged to "Go Green" by writing their commitments on a banner, and received the Project WET activity booklet Conserve Water.

Prior to the festival, Miles City and Bozeman Walmart employees participated in a six-hour Project WET workshop. Project WET-trained associates reached out to their respective communities by teaching activities in local classrooms.

In addition, they facilitated team-building and increased water resources awareness among fellow associates by conducting Project WET activities during store meetings. For both stores, the results of the Project WET training and World Water Day Celebration were significant for Walmart’s PSP program. (The PSP program is part of Walmart’s Sustainability 360 Program and seeks to motivate associates to take action, doing their part to sustain the world).

"The Project WET experience for the Miles City and Bozeman Walmarts was tremendous," said Market PSP Coordinator Freddie Voorhees.

"The employee training aligned perfectly with our PSP program, and the Project WET kits, publications and festival provides turnkey opportunities for the associates to give back to the communities in which they live and work,” he noted.

At the Bozeman store, associates’ participation in Walmart’s PSP program increased by 50 percent. Additionally, associates had the opportunity to interact with local stakeholders including nonprofits, city officials and the private sector.

"Given water's role in our global economy," Voorhees said, "Walmart is proud to work with Project WET to educate consumers about water stewardship."

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