Seven young people with a guard of the Natural Park who explains to them the singularities of the torrent. Author: XPN

Viladrau, through the Vincles Foundation, hosted the "Young Talents and Water" program promoted by Project WET

Note: This article was originally published in l'Informatiu dels Parcs, an online publication of the Parks of Catalonia Network of Natural Parks. It has been translated from the original Catalan version found here.

July 22nd, 2021

From July 11th through 17th, the Vincles Foundation organized a stay for seven young people in Viladrau, entitled "Young Talents and Water," so that they could get to know and discover the problems of water in the Natural Park and Nature Reserve, Montseny Biosphere. Driven by Project WET and tutored by the Vincles Foundation, with a long history in environmental education, the result at the end of the week was the presentation of a project to explain to primary school students a topic related to water, its management and its problems.

The stay began with the presentation of inspiring documents, individual work, teaching methodology, the creation of work teams and a guided itinerary, on Monday, July 12th. On Tuesday the 13th in the morning, the participants first went to Aigua de Viladrau and then visited a torrent of the Montseny Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve. Park technicians explained the main objectives of its management and public use, placing special relevance on the Life Tritó Montseny project and the actions that have been carried out for the preservation of species and habitats. Then, the guard in charge of data collection explained the physical characteristics of Montseny torrents and how the data is collected.

The stay continued on Tuesday with a lunch with Turisme Montseny and in the afternoon with a scientific picnic with the organization Pèndulum. On Wednesday the 14th, they conceptualized proposals and exchanged them for edits. In the afternoon, they had a session with Marc Ordeix, David Soler, Jus López, J. Manel Riera and Margarida Feliu before sharing. On Thursday the 15th, they did a practical experiment on the state of a river, with a design and simulation test. They also took a guided tour through the Matagalls. On Friday, it was time to produce mock-ups, share at a forum, revise proposals, and have a farewell dinner before presenting the resulting projects on the morning of Saturday, July 17th.

The Links, Participation, Education and Sustainability Foundation is a non-profit cultural charity, created by a group of professionals and others linked to education, leisure and sustainability. The Water Young Talent Scholarships are part of Project WET (Water Education Today), endorsed by UNESCO and the International Hydrological Program and in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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