Using Project WET to "Change the World"

Our partners at Levi Strauss & Co. were honored last fall by being named to the Fortune Change the World list. The list recognizes 50 companies who are "using the profit motive to solve a multitude of societal problems". It was LS&Co.'s first appearance on the list, and the editors specifically called out Levi's "Worker Well-being" program. As the LS&Co. Unzipped blog explained, Worker Well-being is designed to improve the lives of "the millions of people who work in the factories that make the clothes we wear, giving them the tools to thrive at work and beyond." Project WET activities are embedded in the Worker Well-being program, as well in as the company's overall sustainability plan.

After being named to the Fortune list, LS&Co. decided to go a step further to recognize the important role that employees played in bringing about the honor. They offered their employees a chance to explain how they would change the world--and gave them the opportunity to receive up to $5,000 to turn their idea into reality. This week, the five grant winners were announced and profiled. Of the five, two specifically mentioned how Project WET worked into their plans. That level of excitement among LS&Co. employees for the program is thrilling. 

LS and Co. employees worked with groups of students to teach about water conservation and water and hygieneMembers of the Levi's Service Corps lead Project WET activities as part of the Worker Well-being program Dominique Durward of South Africa, whose work will be profiled in an upcoming blog post, will use her funds in partnership with Tomorrow Trust. Dominique will work with girls at the Ukhozi Girls Club "to build confidence, combat fear and give them the courage to dream and reach their aspirations." (Ukhozi is the Zulu word for "eagle".) She told Unzipped that she had gotten to know the group through her 2016 Project WET training. 

Oregon's Teresa Pfaff plans to use the Project WET curriculum to teach about water and hygiene in combination with installing sanitation stations for people who are homeless, so that they "have a place to go and clean up on a daily basis, helping to prevent the spread of Hepatitis A."

Congratulations to all five of the grant winners, and best of luck changing the world!

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