Jane Lazgin, Project WET Board Member

Project WET Welcomes Jane Lazgin to Board of Directors

Project WET is pleased to welcome Jane Lazgin to its board of directors! We took a moment to learn more about Jane's background and interest in water education.

Why is water education important to you?

We take water for granted. When people understand and appreciate its value, there is greater assurance of water quality, availability and equitable distribution. I saw a beautiful brook I've loved - and artists have painted for generations - in upstate New York practically destroyed by crowds of people who didn't respect it, saved only by a fence that is incompatible with the beautiful setting but necessary to protect this natural place. Now more than ever, in the face of changing climate and habitat conditions and a growing global population, water education is imperative to a healthy way of life.

Have any career milestones led you to become a board member for Project WET?

I spent 40 years as a spokesperson for Nestle Waters North America, giving me a wealth of experience in the commercial water industry and a platform to speak about healthy lifestyles and responsible water use. Project WET was a big part of those years, and the company supported its mission. Today, I teach international students at our community college and am always seeking effective and engaging teaching materials. I'm impressed by how aware these young people are about taking steps to lighten their environmental footprint.

What are your goals and dreams for Project WET?

Project WET is already a gateway to knowledge about water for millions of people. I would like to see Project WET become a permanent part of all school curricula. I also dream of Project WET resources being utilized throughout the business community, the public sector, military and local community services.

What is the most important lesson you've learned in life?

Keep learning every day. Especially in the classroom, I try to stay flexible and forgiving because everyone is fighting back and trying hard. If I can be a source of positive energy and encouragement, people will do their best to rise to the occasion.

What do you think every person should know about water?

Water is finite. The dinosaurs drank the same water we are drinking. There's no more to be manufactured nor is there less than when the earth was created. We must understand the water cycle and manage water resources for sustainability.

What is one interesting thing most people don't know about you?

I lived and taught English in Bogota, Colombia for much of 2018, making many wonderful friends and immersing myself in the distinctive food, music and history of the nation, with side trips to neighboring countries,. I hope to improve my novice Spanish skills on future visits.

Is there anything you'd like to say to our worldwide network for educators and supporters?

How can I help? I have the experience to support your work. I'm in awe of how much those associated with Project WET have accomplished. Thank you! "Water Education Today: is growing more urgent every day. By helping people value water, we can empower a universal, actionable respect for this blue marble.

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