Updated 5/12/2020

Educating people to understand water is taking on new urgency. To better address these challenges and honor the diversity of our users, we made a few changes in the spring of 2020.

Since our founding, the WET acronym had stood for “Water Education for Teachers”. WET now means “Water Education Today”, signifying both the importance of tackling water challenges immediately and the impact that we are having in classrooms and far beyond.

Our more inclusive visual identity reflects that reality:

John Etgen, CEO (Photo by Studio Macleod, Bozeman)John Etgen, CEO Our leadership also underwent some changes. Project WET Founder Dennis Nelson retired in March 2020. John Etgen, who joined Project WET in 1994 and has led everything from our WASH program to our international expansion, became the new CEO of Project WET.

"Given the seriousness of global issues such as climate and resilience, it’s crucial that Project WET lead the way in encouraging people from all walks of life to teach about water,” John Etgen said. “When people understand the global challenges of water, they can take action to solve water problems in their communities.”

Learn more about our exciting new changes.

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