Ohio Project WET Coordinator Honored as ‘Friend of Science'

Dennis Clement, Ohio Project WET CoordinatorDennis Clement, Ohio Project WET Coordinator The Science Education Council of Ohio (SECO) has selected Dennis Clement as this year’s Friend of Science Award winner, honoring the Ohio Project WET Coordinator’s hard work, leadership and passion for science education. Dennis, a Coordinator since 2015, will receive the award later this month at the SECO Science Symposium.

SECO’s Friend of Science Award is given annually to someone who has positively influenced science education in Ohio and beyond though a specific project or sustained activities. According to the SECO website, the award “recognizes activities that are more related to servicing the science education community than to specific teaching activities,” noting that “service to the science education community includes the effective creation of situations that promote active learning and encourage a love of science.”

Dennis has been on the forefront of that in his work at Ohio Project WET, offering innovative programs that benefit educators and students throughout the region. He is also making contributions nationally. Project WET Vice President of Networks Julia Beck called Dennis “a very active coordinator in the Project WET network.”

“He helps with professional development opportunities for the network, including running the newsletter/webinar committee,” she said. “He also trains others to use Healthy Water, Healthy People (HWHP), Project WET’s water quality education curriculum. Dennis has a great program using HWHP in Ohio that we often use as an example of best practices.”

Dennis graduated from Hocking College with an Associates of Applied Sciences degree in Wildlife Management and Interpretive Services.  His background includes two years substitute teaching for Tri-Rivers Career Center, six years as education coordinator with the Morrow Soil and Water Conservation District and 15 years with the Ohio EPA, Office of Environmental Education (OEE). Dennis is currently an Environmental Public Information Officer with Ohio EPA.    

Project WET’s partner in Ohio is the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Education (OEE). See Dennis and Ohio Project WET in action in this video introduction:

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