Fundación Agua Sin Fronteras logoFundación Agua Sin Fronteras is our newest international partner, bringing Project WET to educators in Venezuela through the Universidad Pedagogica Experimental Libertador (UPEL), Instituto Pedagogico rural El Macaro (the Liberatador Experimental Pedagogical University's Rural Pedagogical Institute of El Macaro). Located in the northern Venezuelan city of El Macaro, Fundación Agua Sin Fronteras began holding Project WET workshops for educators in October 2014. Their first workshop, organized in the town of Turmero, attracted school teachers as well as other professionals with an interest in water. Later in 2014, Fundación Agua Sin Fronteras held a conference, A Wonder Called Water, for graduate students at the headquarters of the Rural Pedagogical Institute of El Macaro. The purpose of the conference was to motivate students to select themes around community activities in participatory action research for their final thesis papers.

At the workshop for school teachers in Turmero, Venezuela

Coming this month with the start of the new university term, Fundación Agua Sin Fronteras is scheduling a workshop for students of many different specialties to include Water and Education within their cross-curricular learning. Moreover, they have set a goal for 2015 to boost the program both on and off campus to increase community interest.

Welcome to Fundación Agua Sin Fronteras and to the Project WET Coordinators there, Jesus Castillo and Alfonzo Herrera. We look forward to workiing with you to increase water literacy and awareness in Venezuela!

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