Every Drop Counts: 33 Ways To Conserve WaterJust in time for the school year, we are offering a FREE downloadable flyer to encourage people of all ages to take action to conserve water. "Every Drop Counts: 33 Ways To Conserve Water" offers some  options that kids can do on their own and others that they can work together with a parent or teacher to accomplish. You can print and hang the PDF in bathrooms, classroom, board rooms and staff rooms, or share this post with friends and colleagues on social media using the icons below. Let us know which tip is your favorite on Facebook or Twitter.

Need more resources to teach about water conservation? Check out our Conserve Water and Water Every Drop Counts children's activity booklets as well as the Conserve Water and Arizona Conserve Water educator guides. All four are award-winning titles that have been used around the world to teach about protecting and conserving our most precious natural resource—water.


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