Students take part in the Incredible Journey water cycle activityNorth Salem students take part in the Incredible Journey water cycle activity A Make a Splash with Project WET water festival in North Salem, New York in June 2010 inspired students to make a lasting impact on their environment. Following the day-long event, North Salem High School students launched a plastic water bottle recycle program with the support of TOMRA and Nestlé Waters.

According to a joint press release from TOMRA and Nestlé Waters, the new program "is designed to provide students with the ability to recycle their used water bottles at the school's cafeteria, athletic fields and other areas on campus." TOMRA will be providing the recycling bins and will remove and process the bottles students recycle.

"Students consume more water than any other drink while at school, especially at this time of year," Michael Liess, President and CEO at Tomra of North America said in a June press release. "We are delighted to provide the

receptacles to allow students to responsibly dispose of their used water bottles. It's great to see a school taking a proactive approach to recycle and help keep plastics out of landfills."

"North Salem High is a leader among educational institutions through its effort to teach students about water - where it comes from, how it's managed, and its value to humankind," Peter Steer, Director of Bottle Recycling Operations at Nestlé Waters said in the same release. "Project WET is going a long way toward helping young people understand that water connects us all, and managing it sustainably should be a top priority."

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