Lam Research Employee Champions Project WET’s Climate Change and Resilience Education Guide

Tom Cooper, Senior EHS Manager for Lam Research Corporation and Chair of the Project WET Foundation Board of DirectorsTom Cooper, Senior EHS Manager for Lam Research Corporation and Chair of the Project WET Foundation Board of Directors An employee from Lam Research has secured a company grant for Project WET’s new climate change and resilience educators guide. Lam Senior EHS Manager Tom Cooper, who also chairs the Project WET Foundation Board of Directors, supported the project through Lam’s Inspire.Together employee-sponsored grant program, which allows employees to nominate a nonprofit that inspires them and submit a grant application on behalf of that organization.

“Although climate change is grabbing a lot of headlines, many people do not understand the fundamentals of the issue,” Tom explained. “Giving educators high-quality, interactive ways to teach young people about the relationship between climate change, global warming, the greenhouse effect and extreme weather will empower both groups to reduce their contributions to local and global climate change.”

More than three-quarters of U.S. parents want their children to learn about climate change in school, and four out of five educators would like to teach about it. However, most teachers are not covering climate change with their students at present. They lack materials and time to teach about climate change while meeting required standards. Project WET’s new guide will address this gap, featuring interactive, standards-correlated lessons that help educators teach about the fundamentals of climate change.

“Water and climate change are inextricably linked,” said Julia Beck, Project WET’s VP of Networks and project manager for the climate change education guide. “Ocean warming, rising coastal waters and more numerous and extreme weather events such as hurricanes and floods directly involve water and are a part of climate change. Having support from Lam Research for climate change education will help us educate more people about these connections and how they can take action in their community to address the issue.”

Donations and sponsorships are still being accepted for the forthcoming climate change and resilience educators guide. Donate via the Project WET Store, or email Project Manager Julia Beck for information about corporate sponsorships, co-branding or other opportunities to support teaching about this critical topic.

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