Why Educator Jayne Black Loves Project WET

Jayne Black is a preschool teacher certified with Project WET. Today, she is an environmental educator, taking on the responsibility of educating and empowering the next generation of water stewards. 

“I’ll use myself as an example, I knew nothing about environmental issues,” says Jayne. “I took science class in high school, but I never learned it in a way that really stuck with me.” 

Jayne is not alone. There are many adults who grew up without knowledge of the issues in their local regions. Project WET is on a mission to change that! So that we have individuals and communities who understand the importance of water.

Jayne says it’s about sticking with the basics, so students can get a solid foundation. It’s essential that we approach these subjects in a way that kids will understand. 

“The challenge, as a teacher, is taking a complex issue, like climate change or water pollution, and trying to make it hit home for kids in a way that’s really going to make a difference, where they’re going to want to make a difference,” says Project WET educator Jayne Black.  

Jayne attributes the hands-on nature of our curriculum to the ability of children to truly experience the lessons. 

“And once you do that, they’ll never forget it.” 

Project WET is currently fundraising for 2022 campaign: Inspire the Next Generation of Water Stewards. We’re asking you to help teachers like Jayne Black educate our future generations, creating a sustainable future for all. Supporting Project WET means you’re investing in the future of your community and the planet by educating students to understand the importance of water and conservation. When you give before December 31, 2022, your donation is doubled thanks to our supporters at Alkaviva.

Donate to Project WET today.

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