Jashell Mitchell, Project WET Board Member

Introducing Jashell Mitchell, New Project WET Board Member

Please join Project WET in welcoming the newest member of our board of directors, Jashell Mitchell! As the Manager of Player Engagement for the National Football League and a lifetime resident and advocate for Flint, Michigan, Jashell brings an impressive background and strong commitment to water literacy to the table. Read on to get to know Jashell!

Why is water education important to you?

Water Education is important to me because without it, we lose quality of life that can benefit our communities. Water is essential to life! To be able to access and provide clean water and education on the benefits of water is vital.

What led you to your current position on the Project WET Board of Directors?

I am from Flint, Michigan, the city in national news for the Flint Water Crisis. This is personal for me to learn and support my hometown and provide resources and education on how we can be part of the solution to helping the Flint community recover.

What are your goals and dreams for the future of Project WET?

  • Use our platform to assist the City of Flint with quality of life programming regarding water education
  • Connect the City of Flint and our community with education and STEM experience on methods to remain safe and create clean water
  • Implement water education programming into the Flint Schools curriculum for continued water education for youth and adults in our community
  • Allow Flint youth to obtain education and platform to express their concerns, with methods of solution-based experience to remain safe and healthy

What is the most important thing you have learned in life?

Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken.

What should everyone know about water?

Every person should know that water is essential to quality of life.

What is one thing most people don't know about you?

I am very reserved and like to be around family as much as possible.

What message do you have for the Project WET educator network?

I am thankful for being on the Project WET Board. I look forward to learning as much as possible so that I may be a great resource for Project WET and the communities across the world regarding water education.

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