Earth Day 50: Get Ready To Teach About Climate

Photo of Earth taken by NASA Astronaut Ricky Arnold from the International Space StationFifty years ago this spring, millions of people across the United States gathered out of concern for the state of planet Earth. The events of that April 22, 1970—the first Earth Day—launched a wave of action, including the passage of landmark environmental laws in the United States. The Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts were all created in response to the first Earth Day, as was the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) itself. Earth Day is now celebrated around the world, reminding us of our mutual responsibility for our Earth and prompting us to take action to conserve and protect the planet.

For Earth Day 50, we have joined together with the National Wildlife Federation and Project WILD to provide educators with resources to engage their students in a week of climate education, community building and storytelling. On March 23, the three organizations will be launching an online professional development course for educators. Self-paced and free, the course will cover topics such as weather and climate, phenology, extreme weather, biodiversity, soils and oceans. Those who complete the course will also have complimentary access to two activities from our forthcoming Climate, Water and Resilience Educator Guide, as well as Project WILD climate activities and NWF resources.

To be notified when the course is available, register at Earth Day 50 Professional Development.

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