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Congratulations 2021 Project WET Educators of the Year!

With Project WET's curriculum, educators in the US and around the world can confidently teach about water and our changing climate, preparing our youth for a resilient future. You can help more educators like these access the water education resources they need by donating to our 2021 year-end campaign. From now until the end of 2021, the first $18,000 in individual donations of $50 or more will automatically be doubled through a generous gift from the Water Leaders Matching Fund. Click here to support Project WET.

This fall, for the first time ever, Project WET held an Educator of the Year competition to honor the dedicated teachers and informal educators who use our hands-on curriculum to raise awareness of water issues in their communities. We were so impressed with the nominations that we decided to award the title to two applicants! Project WET would like to thank all the nominees for entering the competition. You should all be proud of your accomplishments in environmental education!

2021 Project WET US Educator of the Year: Aurora Water Environmental Education & Outreach Team, Aurora, CO

The Aurora Water Environmental Education & Outreach Team has over thirty years of experience using the Project WET curriculum to teach students in Aurora, Colorado about local water issues. Their mission is to provide consistent, creative, and impactful education and outreach programs that promote water literacy, water conservation, water pollution prevention and water stewardship in Aurora. Their free programs for schools in Aurora engage K-12 students in localized activities that meet state education standards and district curriculum. Watch their video below to learn more about these outstanding Project WET educators!


2021 Project WET International Educator of the Year: Angie Olaya, Autonomous Regional Corporation of Cundinamarca, Colombia

As a trained Project WET facilitator for the past 8 years, Angie Olaya has reached a broad audience in Colombia with our science-based water education activities. Thanks to the adaptability of the Project WET curriculum, Angie has been able to customize the activities to raise awareness of local watersheds and promote their protection. By training nearly 2,500 water educators over the years, Angie has helped deliver water education to 20,000 local water users. In addition to developing a better understanding of local water issues, Angie says that people are adopting more sustainable habits after learning about their watersheds. Watch her video below to learn more!

Note: This video is in Spanish. To add closed captioning in another language, click the CC button at the bottom of the video window to enable subtitles in Spanish. Then, click the gear (settings) button and select auto-translate followed by your desired language.


Each of the winners of the 2021 Project WET Educator of the Year competition will receive one year of WETconnect access for themselves and up to 200 students. To learn more about WETconnect, Project WET's digital learning resource, click here and start your free trial.

Educators like the Aurora Water Environmental Education & Outreach Team and Angie Olaya depend on Project WET to provide science-based, interactive, localized curriculum to help them prepare future generations for the world's water challenges. You can help more educators access Project WET resources by donating to our year-end fundraising campaign. Thank you very much for your commitment to water education for a more sustainable future.

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